Speaking & adviSe

Rob is an enthusiastic speaker, workshop leader, presenter and advisor, who tells his stories in an amusing way and of course with some self-mockery. He promises his audience a smile on the face, catchy examples that will stick with them, but also a large dose of self-reflection and the ambition to change things starting tomorrow.

He encourages his audience to start with what we know about learning instead of just starting to teach (/preach to) students. Focus on growth instead of grading, and really start with the learner (student or co-worker). He also speaks about creating a playful school, the role of technology, and transitioning education from a managerial perspective. He believes that if you don’t treat your employees the way you want them to treat the students, they will never be successful. Furthermore, he is open and honest about all the ups and downs you will face if you have the courage to do the same.

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