Presentation: Everybody deserves to be treated unequally!

On June 9th 2022 I did a presentation at Gyldendal in Copenhagen.

To point out that we are able to do great things in education (for some students), I started with a fictional story about Max. Then, to show that our desire to treat everyone equally is working against us, I also did a story on two other fictional students, Amy and Rachel. Of course, I also talked about my learnings from Agora and on how this can help other schools, not necessarily to become Agora’s, but to become organizations that can keep up with the zeitgeist:

Organizations that treat themselves, their staff, students, parents, and their networks like plants, trees and (sea-) weed.


Plants want to grow by nature. Grading them or comparing them with others doesn’t motivate them to speed up the process. Pulling them to grow higher, doesn’t work either, it might even have a devastating effect.
You, facilitating the perfect circumstances, is what will make the difference!

Trees, in my philosophy, stand for creating an environment of high expectations and reaching for the stars.

Seaweed is flexible. It can go with the flow and adjust to what is necessary within the moment. In our eyes, it listens and adapts to the zeitgeist.

Weeds are strong, and not easy to destroy or get rid of. For us, it also stands for strong connections and collaboration. 

I believe that a single plant, tree, and even (sea-)weed can be beautiful on its own, but will get lonely. Working together will stand the test of time and create a beautiful forest.

For some, a picture says more than a thousand words, that’s why you can find my presentation down here.

Would you like to hear the words that go with this presentation? Feel free to contact me!

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