A Green School South Africa summer

This summer I was able to visit Green School South Africa. An amazing school with an amazing mission. Green School South Africa educates for sustainability. They are focused on preparing young people to thrive in a changing world. I’ve never been in a school that is so committed to saving our planet and getting the kids fully involved. They aren’t preparing kids for a sustainable future. They are the embodiment of sustainability in everything they do and every decision they make.

Energy? They use solar panels. Water: they purify it themselves. Curtains to block the sun, only if a local company can make them from recycled materials (waiting for this for two years now). Crops? Every group of pupils has its own field to grow them themselves, harvest them and bring them to the kitchen where their lunches get prepared. Playfulness: Yes, of course, kids can build huts on the school grounds. The staff even hides building materials on the school grounds for kids to find them. Recycled building materials, of course. Nothing gets thrown away. Kids bring everything to the school’s recycling centre.

The visit is a great foundation for our future together. A future in which I’m involved in designing the new middle and high school buildings and helping them to bring the way they educate forward.

Want to follow and learn from Green School SA? Check them out on Instagram.

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