Start of An educational week in Dubai

This week I’m in Dubai. I’m one of the keynote speakers at GESS DUBAI 2022 on Wednesday, but I had the privilege to arrive on Sunday. That gave me the time to visit Citizens School this morning. I got a tour of this impressive brand-new school building which just opened.

At Citizens School, they strive to empower their primary (and later on secondary) students to craft their own futures by celebrating and nurturing what makes them unique and providing them with choices alongside the right set of life skills to thrive in the communities of tomorrow. They follow the British Curriculum as a backbone but know that it’s about the students, and their happiness first. That’s why they choose a playful approach.

I had a great talk with Tracy Moxley (principal at Citizens), Sorcha Coyle (on a mission to empower future and current expat teachers) and Mark Samways (director of Wellbeing at The Free Spirit Collective, they help schools and organisations improve their wellbeing provision).

After this, I went to Dubai’s World Trade Centre to check out the venue. I always enjoy how lots of people turn a big empty space into a vibrant event. Have a look at the pictures below, taken less than 24-hours before the start of the event. In the upcoming 3 days there will be 6000 educational professionals from 67 counties here.

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